Hot Spring found in Eastern Congo

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Hot Spring found in Eastern Congo

I have found a hot spring water in eastern Congo (DRC) at the area called Uvira, about 16 km from lake Tanganyika and 30 kms from the border of Burundi and DRC (Gatumba). According to the natives, the water flows everytime of the year and I had a chance to touch the water.

I can rightly guess that the temperature of this water is about 85 deg. celcius, and it comes in small ponds spread over an area of 10 squire meters.

The people around are usually associating this water with medical treatment, and they have put fences of man and women separately. They usually come to have a bath and claims to be good to their muscle toucher.

Mr. Zachary Clayton
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Congo Hot Springs

Don't know if you've seen these yet, as so far, I haven't found anything else, with a pic.  After reading about it, this would be a very intense trip.  I would imagine that arming yourself would be a necessity, in a lot of these regions, as the Congo is often a 'hotspot' for violence that shifts quickly from one area to the next.  But, with the right guide, and preparation, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem, huh???  lol



And it looks like there's a lot of volcanic activity over whats called the 'East African Rift'.  Have you seen the pools in Ethiopia???