Bonneville Hot Springs

General Description: Old bathhouse and communal riverside soaks.
General Location: About 19 milse northeast of Lowman.
Pool Type: Bath tub and rock pools.
Pool Temps: DO NOT SOAK (Above 115° F), Lobster Hot (110° - 115° F), Extremely Hot (106° - 110° F), Very Hot (104° - 106° F), Hot (102° - 104° F)
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Accessibility: Year round.
Restrictions: they say dont soak nude.
Elevation: 4700 feet.
Distance from road: 0.25 mile.
Map Reference:


The Hot Spring:

Hot water flows from many spots on  a hillside at temps up to 185 degrees f. the water spills by an old bathhouse, the only bath house here, the only nude soak as well, i has adjustable temps and can be controlled by blocking the inflow. the water then spills ove the edge of a crazy rock formation and into the channel of hot pools, each one varying in scalding temps. It is said that this is better after a rain because the pools can be cooled to a more soakable temp.

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One of my favorite hot

One of my favorite hot springs. There is a pool upriver that is semi secluded. When I want to soak naked, I go to that one and leave the lower pools to the tourons. (Tourists/morons). My attempt at humor. The camp host from last year (2011) was a great guy. He kept the area very clean and free from most idiots. I highly recommend a few days stay relaxing in these pools.

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