Dutch Frank Hot Springs

General Description: Rock Pools nestled on the Middle frok Boise River.
General Location: 22 miles west of Atlanta.
Pool Type: River rock and sand.
Pool Temps: DO NOT SOAK (Above 115° F), Lobster Hot (110° - 115° F), Extremely Hot (106° - 110° F), Very Hot (104° - 106° F), Hot (102° - 104° F)
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Accessibility: year round.
Restrictions: None.
Elevation: 4100 feet.
Distance from road: 0.00 mile.
Map Reference:


The Hot Spring:

A large geothermal mound pops up on the side of the Middle Fork Boise River, pumping out scalding hot water from many sources, as the water flows it cools and is dropped into several pools, river water is channeled in to cool the scalding water. with alittle work you could have your own pool with its own perfect temp. yada yada yada.

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