The Rainbow Gathers

Trip Date: 2011-04
Photos (click to enlarge):
riverside pool flooded
looking from the water

Horseshoe was great with the water high and the air cold.  Last time we were here the main pool was way too hot to soak, we could only barely put our feet in.  But this time it was about 109 deg F and it felt great in the cold weather.  The high water also made the river crossing really dangerous.  Crossing at the road is a bad idea, and I went under the cold water on the return journey and got dangerously cold.  Later we learned to cross at the top or the bottom and it was more mellow even though the water was still waist level and you had to lean into the curant.


The other strange thing was when we arrived we were greeted by some really nice hippies that asked if we were there for the rainbow gathering.  We said no, even though we look the part.  So these Rainbow Gathering people were planning this big thing there for the 4/20 holiday.  I don't know how it went but I hope its not all messed up, and that no children died trying to cross the river.  Magic Bowl Bob did promise they would come back a few weeks after the celbration to clean up and make sure it is left nicer than they found it.  I hope they did.

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