Phifer Warm Springs

General Description: A crazy rustic shower,bath and rock tub in the middle of a parking lot.
General Location: 15 to 17 miles west of Atlanta.
Pool Type: Bath tub,Shower and rock tub.
Pool Temps: Warm (Below 100° F)
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Accessibility: Year round.
Restrictions: None.
Elevation: 4400 feet.
Distance from road: 0.00 mile.
Map Reference:


The Hot Spring:

An artisian well pumps out 84 degree water into several tubes that spray as a shower, or into a nasty bathtub or someones constructed rock pool, the shower is your best bet on a hot day.

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Thanks for sharing these

Thanks for sharing these amazing ideas about the Phifer Warm Springs and how you are building these projects for the people who love to come for this reason and have a great time in these pools. Here I come to know about the best places for the people who want to come and enjoy their time at such remote places.

To me this is not surprising

To me this is not surprising as laissez-faire anarchism looks to me.

Thanks for giving me an

Thanks for giving me an insight on this place because I'm planning to here.

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